About the President and Founder

Guillermo Tabraue III, Esq., M.D. is a local Miami native, born to Cuban parents that arrived in the United States circa 1960 as they fled from their communist-controlled homeland.  He was raised in Miami, but then left his home city in 1998 in order to attend medical school.  It was during his final two years of medical school that Dr. Tabraue’s mother became gravely and terminally ill, and Dr. Tabraue opted to return to Miami in order to help care for his mother during what would be the most difficult and trying period in Dr. Tabraue’s life.  After his mother passed away, Dr. Tabraue lost his passion and interest in the medical field.  It became very difficult for him to deal with patients’ pain and suffering, because he became personally involved in patients’ lives.  However, Guillermo Tabraue III still found the fortitude to complete his studies and graduate from medical school.  He then opted to take his medical knowledge and apply it elsewhere – to helping those people that have suffered injuries as a result of another party’s negligence, and to find justice for those individuals.  Dr. Tabraue returned to Miami and attended law school, vowing to dedicate his professional life to seeking out justice.

Areas of Practice - Negligence

Dr. Tabraue brings forth claims for individuals that have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence...

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Areas of Practice - Medical Malpractice

Dr. Tabraue also brings forth claims for individuals that have been injured as a result of a healthcare provider’s professional negligence...

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Areas of Practice - First Party Breach of Contract

Dr. Tabraue brings forth Breach of Contract claims against Insurance Companies for damage to an insured’s residence/property...

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